The angels go to Vale, Colorado to help the FBI protect Karl Hansworth, a high ranking government official from kidnappers.  One FBI agent, George Whale has already been killed after discovering something.  Kris works with the FBI, Sabrina poses as a competitor and Kelly poses as Karls girlfriend, a job she really enjoys.

They discover the kidnappers belong to a radical group called the Patriots for Free Society.  When Sabrina is kidnapped and taken to a cabin in the mountains they offer a trade with Karl.  Karl agrees to the trade and goes to meet the kidnappers but in the meantime Sabrina has escaped and is making her way back to the village.  Once thy realise that Sabrina is safe, they capture the kidnappers before they have a chance to escape with Karl.

INTERESTING FACT:  Dennis Cole plays Karl Danworth, Kellys boyfriend in this episode and he was actually married to Jaclyn Smith in real life at this time.

Season 3